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A super funny chick who is a tease to creepy guys and then insults them until they leave her alone.
"Dude! Did you see the way she talked to that creep?"
"Yah she is such a Kyleen"
by Amemary2810 January 26, 2010
A very skanky girl who cannot keep a job. Her family is so accustomed to get that welfare check in the mail that they don't believe they have to work a day in their lives.

Oh and she's a slut.
Ugh, she's had ten jobs in the last year, oh she's such a Kyleen.
by achorman2010 March 18, 2011
A mean cousin whon thinks shes so cool and makes her cousin clean her room and fources her to go down stairs when she is about to puke
me im the girl who puked duhhhh well almost did AND KYLEEN SENT ME DOWN STAIRS!
by BOWMANKD360 April 17, 2010