(British English) Descriptive of chavvy behaviour, fashion or a person, akin to a participant of the UK's foremost underclass debate programme, The Jeremy Kyle Show.
I hate getting on that bus late night at night, a lot of the people on it are Kyle style.
by Brother Strange October 08, 2012
Top Definition
Kyle Style can best be defined as simply doing what you do best and do it in a very laid back manner. You might not like the outcome of whatever you are doing but you must accept that fact there is always another opportunity to do better. Whatever the outcome is there is no use of profanity or vulgar celebrations following what just happened.
Wow Tim Tebow threw one heckuva touchdown pass that gave them the lead over the Chargers. He celebrated in a manner that was appropriate for the situation. That was very Kyle Style.

The bowler nonchalantly bowled a strike. That's what I call Kyle Style.

David Freese's walk-off home run against the Texas Rangers in game 6 of the World Series was tremendous. During the post game interview with Marv Albert when he ask Freese how he pulled it off, he simply stated, "I just put good wood on the ball, and hoped for the best. That's what I call Kyle Style my friends.
by Levi Cromer October 29, 2011
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