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THE ABSOLUTE DEFFINITION OF A Fruitcake Fag Homosexual Loser.
Kyle Novak: u no whats funny, 3 herpe infested skanks sitting on a hill, creeping it up while watching a stud skateboard, thts kind of funny, why the fuck wouldnt u guys leave u creepy fucks!!! just cuz u want my dick and ur nasty little chicks do to dont giv u the right to see me skate!! shut up el desperado

Girl: hahaha i wouldnt call that skating

Kyle Novak: mm ur right, its called being pro! congradu-fucking-lations, retard finally got something right in his life!! wow good job el desperado

Girl: if thats pro then im GREAT AT SKATEBOARDING!
by Rrachel November 21, 2009
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