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1) that which puts a stop to anything. sort of like the phrase "to shoot down" 2) anyone who exceeds in the art of repression. 3) A curse. 4) Someone avoided by people. 5) A prison 6) mental block.

Note: Becuase the word "Kybosh" can be a reference to the police and to a jail/ prison. In order to avoid confusion the word should only be used to refer to one of those two ideas if both are to be mentioned in the same sentence.
1) We were going to eat cake, but my girlfriends' comments about my weight put the kybosh on that. 2) All Cops are the kybosh. 3) Your bandmate can't go on stage, becuase he's got a Kybosh. 4) That emo/goth kid's a real Kybosh. 5) Eddy wasn't going to rat out his pot smoking buddies, so the fuss threw him in the kybosh. 6) I was going to write my 15 page essay that I should have turned in today, but I was in a kybosh for the past three months.

Note ex: the sentence "The Kybosh got a hold of Eddy and through him into the Kybosh." is unacceptable.
by Rock n' roll warrior December 26, 2008
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