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a smart, funny, charming sweet, any girl that finds a kyall should lucky to be with a love named kyall. not just for their looks but their smarts with all topics and is loved by someone that starts with a T....
WOW... did you see that kyall on the bus, he is so smart
by sweetie pie27824-5262-9472090- February 12, 2012
Kyall - this modern name, is named after the mongolian god kyallastian and sounds exactly the same as "kyle".
" my dad has 17 wifes, what a god"

"im kyallastian, nice to meet you"
by ahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa March 15, 2009
Someone named Kyle but can't spell their own name
"Kyall? It's spelt K-Y-L-E idiot!"
by tim samuel April 13, 2008

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