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Not actually a word. It's the sound of a girl screaming.
You want an example? Put a fake spider in your sister's bed.
by D-san September 22, 2003
159 34
An onomatopoeia refering to a scream. Popularised in Manga and Anime, it is often associated with fangirls who are notorious for high pitched screams that cause permanent ear canal damage to everyone within a 2 mile radius.
"OMG! It's Zac Efron! KYAA!"
by LoopholeTT July 10, 2009
134 18
Kyaa is a giant stoner, that eats Doritos, plays GTA, and wipes his ass.
"kyaa!?! What the fuck happened to my chips!?"
"they is in my tum tum"
by king crimson April 02, 2014
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