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A ridiculously loving and very good looking young male mammal, a mix of kitten, whale and turtle the latter characteristic is better observed via a webcam. Often helpuful to have around when struggling with work as they tend to have a rather wide knowledge base, often shows childlike behaviours but this just adds to their appeal. Any would be lucky to know this creature they are very good to cuddle with and is loved a ridiculous amount by 'Gepetto'
by Amytard December 23, 2009

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An amazing person who seems to resemble a hybrid of a kitten, a whale and has been seen to look somewhat like a turtle on webcam! these timid creatures are known for their loving nature and cuddlyness, often purr when their back is tickled and can be mighty helpful during finance work. the one thing they are known for is their love of amy.
oh that kwurtle, isnt he adorable
by the kwurtle himslef December 22, 2009