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The name of the convenience store in the animnated TV series The Simpsons.

A generic name for any convenience store, when you can't think of the name of a specific one.
Person A: "Is there a Kwik-E-Mart near here?"

Person B: "There's a Seven-Eleven down on Second Street."

Person A: "That works."
by Ryan Thompson January 15, 2004
A store from the Simpsons that you buy food/drugs for an insane price that is really worth .20 cents. Apu is a Mexican Smuggler who pretends to be an "Indian" and claims that cows are "holy," along with elephants. You can tell he's a mexican because he has 482 trillion children and a gay last name.
dang look at Apu, and that smuggler is all working at kwik e mart like he knows it all. like hes the boss, like he knows how to "run business."

omfg i caught apu masturbating behing the squishee machine!
by Katyah December 23, 2008

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