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This is the last name of a very pretty lady named Emily. She is best known for having people's backs, being able to talk to, and a good laugh whenever your with her. She is datig a boy named HOOVER. And they are going to make the cutest babies ever, because they are both so darn cute! Seen mostly around, Becca, Victoria, and Cami. She does not put with with lying bitches or girls that pull an "alicen". Her curles and being able to go with out putting a single drop of make-up on her face are her best qualitites. She is the better child in the family, ad the most enjoyable to be around. You can see her walking to target, petco, walmart, choptle, sheets. Her parents are so chill, and out the best. To have this type of friend in your life, just go up and talk to her. She always has something to say.
Sally: Did you see Emily Kwasniak and Brandon Hoover at the movies the ther day?

Morgan: Yes! They were so cute, i want a relationship just like them.
by EK+BH=FOREVER<3 July 16, 2011

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