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A term referring to someone who is overly confident and painstakingly cocky. Good with the ladies and popular at school.
"OMG I can't stand Kutter!" -gay guy

"Well...he is good with the ladies." -guy
by hairydude123456789 April 01, 2009
A member of a virtual airline who crashes planes and owes $250000 to a CEO. He has obtained the title Jizz Monkey as it pays better than a Student Pilot. He obtained his pilot's license from a cereal box. He is also named the butt-pirate, or even possibly a jizz-lizard. He is a fuckhead turd who everyone makes fun of. Someone completely unpopular, and gay although in denial.

P.S. The Butt-Pirate Made This
You are a complete Kutter!
by kutter116 August 12, 2009

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