A great Christian rock band that originated in Portland Oregon. Current band members are:

-Jon Micah Sumrall(Lead vocals)
-James Mead(Guitar)
-Jeffery "Jeff" Gilbert(Drums)
-Dave "Lucky" Luetkenhoelter(Bass guitar)
-Nick De Partee(Guitar)

Albums that have been released:

-Kutless(Self titled)
-Sea Of Faces
-Strong Tower
-Hearts Of The Innocent
-To Know That You're Alive
Kutless song, The Feeling:Got a mic here's the band now get your feet off the floor!
by TehBigEd October 14, 2008
Top Definition
The single best Christian Rock Group ever. They make people who normally only listen to secular music pay attention to Christian rock.
Kutless rocked Cypress Gardens on April 30th.
by TropicalStuff May 03, 2005
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