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The most genuine person you can ever meet,she is super cute,........loves adventure, new things.
she is strange and wierd in some ways,indifferent to what is going around.
doesn't want to be in a relationship mainly because she resents men.Awesome sense of music.stubborn
ahhh, look at that girl, she's such a Kusha . . .
by awnm January 18, 2014
An incredibly irritating and super sassy gay male who judges every woman he can see. He is a huge bully who often tells people he doesn't like to commit suicide. He is not very popular because of his horrible attitude and bad sense of humor. Kusha's love to play Mario and usually have a gaming addiction which leads them to become over weight.
Miranda: That dress looks like shit! Go kill your self.
Stacy: Miranda stop being such a kusha!
by E!Nigma November 22, 2013
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