Meaning someone who is really sweet and/or cute.

Used in place of terms such as sweetie, cutie, honey, babe, baby, dear or darling.

A pet name for someone as a term of endearment.
Girl: Well, I'll talk to you later darling. Love you!

Guy: Alright, night Kush!

Girl: Not going to say it back?

Guy: Sweet Dreams Kush!
by abhobo December 17, 2009
Havoc`s mobb deep first album`s what sound good and entirely produced by himself real album while hip hop semms to die the guy making really hip hop as all the time with crew`s mate P bandana P
be there , im the boss

I`ve boought kush cuz is so hot
by JMji (johnny monji ) September 22, 2007
Being in a good situation or making a situation easier
Dude, if you can get straight A's, your going to be kush.
That football team sucks balls, this game is going to be kush.
by Ch4peR4pE January 28, 2008
Good weed
no seeds or steams
Yeah, and we smoke that kush
Yeah, that kush
Yeah, and we ball like swoosh
Yeah, like swoosh
by dez_nutz January 30, 2009
A high quality weed sometimes hard to find in some parts of your city, the name originates from the word "KUSH" meaning Death
That Kush waz Some Fire Blood..
by pSEPHIM4RUK31q October 18, 2008
a potent strain of marijuana ,but this is about THE kush,a name of the most notorious gamer in gaming history.Kush owns all who opppse him and will slap them with the hand of handing...btw anyone named kush cept the real kush will be sued for the price of a emoty can of yams if you dont abide by this rule I the one and only kush will have to oppose force gainst yo bitchh asss
Kush leike totally owns bawlssss n stuff!!>!>!!?!
Everyone wishes they could be kush n stufff...but they cant!!!
by dylaina January 02, 2008
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