1. (n) an object of high quality

2. (v) very comfortable, often times associated with wealth

1. "Can buy the standard line or you can buy the kush"

2. "She has the most kush sheets money can buy"
by jma1502 April 24, 2009
A name incorrectly given to weed in Queens, NY.
"Yo nigga i got that kush!" - Queens loser

"Yo this aint kush!" - Real nigga

"Get the fuck out?" - Queens loser

"No, you get the fuck out wit that bs!" - Real nigga
by REALNlGGA July 15, 2009
It is high quality mary jane.
Yung Joc-It's Goin Down

Every time I see 'em look 'em in the eye
Ask 'em how I know its me surprise!
Put it in the air rep where ya stay
Take a step back blow the kush in they face
Stuntin is a habit let 'em see the karats
I'ma make it rain nigga I ain't scared to share
by ~/ December 17, 2006
Dank Indica Cannabis, Derived from the genraly small furry hairs allover (specifically on the top of the bud) creating a KUSHen.
Where you get that nice kush man?
by Closet Grow November 28, 2009
A strong, and very potent strain of marijuana usauly associated with the southern states, but is originaly from india and africa.
YOU: damn man, i had some bomb ass chorn last nite.
OTHER: what was it man?
YOU: it was that Kush man.
by Big Kush Oner August 23, 2008
Meaning someone who is really sweet and/or cute.

Used in place of terms such as sweetie, cutie, honey, babe, baby, dear or darling.

A pet name for someone as a term of endearment.
Girl: Well, I'll talk to you later darling. Love you!

Guy: Alright, night Kush!

Girl: Not going to say it back?

Guy: Sweet Dreams Kush!
by abhobo December 17, 2009
Havoc`s mobb deep first album`s what sound good and entirely produced by himself real album while hip hop semms to die the guy making really hip hop as all the time with crew`s mate P bandana P
be there , im the boss

I`ve boought kush cuz is so hot
by JMji (johnny monji ) September 22, 2007

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