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The greatest actor in the universe.
Robert De Niro wishes he was Kurt Russell.
by Phantom Definition Writer October 14, 2005
An alcoholic drink comprised of equal amounts of gin and ginger ale, titled after the actor of the same name.
Danny - "I'm making a Kurt Russell, who wants one?"

Kyle - "Word."
by Dannykf July 17, 2008
A fictional actor who exclusively stars in movies directed by filmmaker John Carpenter. His real name is Snake Plissken.
Fanboy 1 - "Hey man, I herd Kurt Russell will be playing in John Carpenters new gig."
Fanboy 2 - "You mean SNAKE PLISSKEN is starring in the new Carpenter scifi-horror!"
by jojojack August 03, 2009
A sexual act in which oral sex is preformed with a mouth full of pop rocks candy.

It is said to be named after the actor who also makes ones genitals tingle.
Dude, that chick who works at the candy store gave me a Kurt Russell after hours.
by booberry13 November 11, 2010
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