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A loser who has no friends...
That loner over there is a KuAu.. I feel so bad!!
#loser #friendless #loner #bad #no
by SAK <3 September 21, 2011
A friend that you never see. Someone who you ALWAYS talk to. Someone you miss soooooo much!!
Bro, i havent seen you in forever, your like a KuAu!
#kuau #talk #never #see #miss #alot
by ASK <3 September 21, 2011
They are your best friend. Someone who is always there for you and makes a difference in your life. Someone who you became close with really fast. You can talk to them about anything and they always give the best advice and will always be able to help. You learn alot from them. Usually older than you, but not by much. They truly care!! <3
My kuAu!! Love that girrl, she always know what to say!!
#kuau #best friend #amazing #helpful #life changing.
by KSA<3 September 20, 2011
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