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The Springfieldian word for 'milk shake' found at Krusty Burger.
<Wiggum> Do they have Krusty-Partially-Gelatinated-Non-Dairy-Gum-Based-Beverages?
<Lou> Mm-hm. And they call 'em "Shakes"
<Eddie> Heh. "Shakes". You don't know what you're gettin'.
<Wiggum> Well I know what I'm gettin'. Some donuts.
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 19, 2003

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chief wiggum donuts krusty burger krusty partially gelatinated non-dairy gum-based beverages pulp fiction parody the simpsons
The thing chief Wiggum (Simpsons TV series) asks for at the Krusty Burger Restaurant in Springfield. He wants to know if it is available at McDonald's.
Wiggum:... Do they have Krusty partially gelatinated non-dairy gum-based beverages?
Policeman 1: They call them shakes.
Policeman 2: Hum, shakes. Policeman: Then you're know what you're getting!
Wiggum: I know what I'm getting, some donuts!
by Buggeros October 08, 2006