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A Kroger store located in a predominantly gay neighborhood
Gay man 1: "I need some gladiolas and beer for the party!"

Gay man 2: "Just go get them at the Krogirl."
by txkink March 19, 2010
In general terms, any supermarket that is centrally located within a gay district or neighborhood.
Steve: Oh my, we're out of anything floral for tonight's soiree! What shall we do?

Jose: No worries, I'll stop at the stop-and-shop on my way to the cleaners... toodle-oo.

Steve: No Joey, we've important company gracing us with their presence tonight; I'm using Grandma's china, for Cher's sake!

Jose: Got it. Krogirl it is.
by smootyspice April 28, 2011
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