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A teenage boy who doesnt really know whats going on... and if he does, he certainly doesn't show it. Most often attractive, and loves to be naked.
"he wasn;t paying attention, totally pulling a kristos"
by rex kudoz March 30, 2008
31 16
A person who is just all around perfect, one who you can always trust and looks great in anything...or in nothing at all. He is the hottest and sexiest guy that has ever lived. He is also the best kisser and is a very intelligent guy.
Girl 1: Man I have the greatest boyfriend in the world.

Girl 2: Who's that?

Girl 1: Kristo : )

Girl 2: You are incredibly lucky : (
by myke cunt September 29, 2010
32 22
1- a lord or person of prestige
2- the leader of an invading country
3- one with a grand scheme or ideal
"is that the kristos?"
"my that kristos has a big army"
"always one step ahead, that kristos is"
by dd45 September 07, 2008
7 3
noun: a massive surfer bro, but usually does not hav a "large package."
Henry: My friend is out surfing for the summer.
Tom: Is he a Kristos?
Henry: Yeahh, very much so.
by Johnny Bobberz November 05, 2010
2 12
Noun) A Holy/Disc Priest.
Adjective) Loving of Alter Boys.
Verb) The act of hating Shadow.
Noun) Kristos dies often in raids.
Adjective) The kristos pastor was arrested the other day.
Verb) I would respec but I kristos that style.
by Karazorel August 29, 2007
4 14