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Kristofer... the greatest man on the planet. Sweet, loving, chivalrous, and incredibly sexy. He is amazing and perfect... Kristofers go best with Megans.

Don't mess with a Kristofer, and NEVER, EVER, EVER, mess with his girl. You will die.
Stupid teenage boy: "Hey, you wanna go out with me?"
Kristofer's girl: "Sorry, I'm taken."
Stupid teenage boy: "You sure? I mean, check me out."
Kristofer: "Stupid teenage boy... DIE!!!!!!!" *proceeds to kick him in the backside*
by munchkin28 July 18, 2009
Kristofer, the correct spelling for the often misspelled name, Christopher. Kristofer is highly superior to Christopher in every single way. Kristofer is known for being intelligent, gorgeous, chivalrous, kind, and loving unlike his clearly inferior counterpart, Christopher, who is known for being cruel, smelly, ugly, and most of all, stupid. Kristofer is simply amazing and perfect.
Hot Girl: I'm dating a guy named Kristofer.

Friend: Wait, is he a Christopher with a C or a Kristofer with a K?

Hot Girl: Kristofer with a K, obviously. I would never date a Christopher with a C. God no. That's just disgusting.

Friend: You're so lucky. I wish I had a Kristofer with a K.
by KristoferIsPerfect August 29, 2010
Most loving and sweet guy you will ever meet and will always be there for you, when you think of kristofer you get butterflies in your stomach. And DAMN is he sexy that smile can set you in a trance and when your his he will do anything for you.
Omg I love kristofer he is my everything
by fabulous_undead_girl April 05, 2015
Obviously, really really ridiculously ugly, a person with no friends, no social life and a particularly gargantuan penis.

(Which promotes his sexual life.)

Goes best with chocolate and whipped cream.

Watch out for stray hairs.
God, Kristofer's such a loser but he has such an extremely large penis that he gets laid more often than a bed at a mattress store.
by gorillagirl69 February 20, 2010

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