East coast slang for an individual whose profession involves fishing for shrimp.

Likely derived from the word "krill". Generally spoken in a rapid, slurred phonetic.
"Ey by', Stan is working as a krilla boy off the coast again then'"

"Yeah, krillin' is hard work man'"
by felinusz August 17, 2007
Top Definition
a Brooklyn crack head who usually does drugs. The drug of choice is cocaine. You can usually find them all ours of the night on 3rd ave between 79th and 80th street looking for a fix.
What the fuck is that krilla doin over there.
by Dents May 04, 2009
Slang for a house or abode. Generally used in reference to one's own primary residence.
Jonathan, let's go back to my krilla.
by felinusz August 12, 2007
A word used for ghetto/nigga currency.
- Yo son where is ma krilla at ?

- Oh shit boy!!! Look at all this krilla i just stole !
by Big Can December 22, 2009
awesome ass graffiti ink!!
guy 1:dude krilla is the shit! i filled it up in my mop
guy 2: i know huh
by krilla guy July 24, 2008
"Chris, we're at the krilla. Get here. The deacon done set the hall on fire!"
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