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A fictional character in the Bionicle story. He is a Makuta Mistika sent to the core of the matoran universe, known as Karda Nui. His name is likely based off the word cricket, as his body resembles one. He is white in color with red streaks.
Krika is a story character and building set of the Bionicle series, which is made by Lego.
by ^UPs^ February 25, 2008
puertorrican for pussy,vagina,chocha
Dam! that bitch has one smelly krika.
by toncy November 05, 2003
cuban term for dirty pussy
1. Damn, that bitches krika smell like a rotten turd.
2. It looks like that trick aint washed her krika in months.
by ed-e August 05, 2003
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