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1.) {an der Donau} the fifth largest city of approx. 23,000 inhabitants in the Lower Austria approximately 70 km west of Vienna.

2.) A word that sounds like the name of an awful sexually transmitted infection
1.) Person 1: - "I'm going on holiday to Krems next week"
Person 2: - "I've heard it's nice there this time of year"

2.) Doctor: - "I'm sorry I have to break this news to you, but I'm afraid you've got krems"
Patient: - "Oh no, my life is over!"
by City of Hull Youth Orchestra July 21, 2008
3 0
A crazy ass motherfucker, who can not calm down, doesnt give a shit what he says, and acts extremely black for the white tone of his skin.
"Yo could you stop dealing crack on a corner, in ridgewood, in broad daylight, you got too stop fucking being like Krem.
by KremDeLaKrim January 22, 2009
7 10
Abnormally jumpy pet that causes too much trouble on POS Island.
Your Krem looks very healthy today
by starkirby January 21, 2005
2 14
big dum ghey wod lik is thinkz abot nothing all day
hello wake up from you dreams
by gy! September 13, 2003
1 17