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1.) {an der Donau} the fifth largest city of approx. 23,000 inhabitants in the Lower Austria approximately 70 km west of Vienna.

2.) A word that sounds like the name of an awful sexually transmitted infection
1.) Person 1: - "I'm going on holiday to Krems next week"
Person 2: - "I've heard it's nice there this time of year"

2.) Doctor: - "I'm sorry I have to break this news to you, but I'm afraid you've got krems"
Patient: - "Oh no, my life is over!"
by City of Hull Youth Orchestra July 21, 2008
A crazy ass motherfucker, who can not calm down, doesnt give a shit what he says, and acts extremely black for the white tone of his skin.
"Yo could you stop dealing crack on a corner, in ridgewood, in broad daylight, you got too stop fucking being like Krem.
by KremDeLaKrim January 22, 2009
*The hole at the end of a male genitalia or a depressing youtuber

*A depressing Youtuber
I saw that man's krem
The maker of this video is such a krem
by krem boi March 15, 2015
Abnormally jumpy pet that causes too much trouble on POS Island.
Your Krem looks very healthy today
by starkirby January 21, 2005
big dum ghey wod lik is thinkz abot nothing all day
hello wake up from you dreams
by gy! September 13, 2003

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