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wack ass low down mo'fucka wannabe gangsta
fag: i love you bob
bob: piss off you fucking kraymack
by pro-nun-see-A-tor April 19, 2003
a kid that is trying to be ghetto!!And says things that could get his white ass beat!!
KrayMack-"YO NIggarss"
Teacher-sit ur ass down freadrick
by katiernie Faye Vanwagner September 27, 2003
1. A pathetic loser white boy trying to be a gansta.

2. An idiot who randomly says "ghetto" phrases (usually in a very stupid context).
1. Look at the kraymack up their sportin' da bling bling!

2. John: Fo' shizzle my homie-g wiz!
Jamal: Shut up you fuckin' kraymack!
by Ally Bally Bee June 26, 2003
a wannabe white gangsta from england.... who likes gangsta rap music and spurts random "gangsta phrases"
"Kraymack is wack"
by Lez March 04, 2003