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A creature of legend who aided St. Nicholas, one of the inspirations for Santa Claus. Some say he aided St. Nick, others say he went after the Naughty children the night before he came; The Anti-Santa Claus, deliverer of coal, spankings, kidnapping truly evil children in his big black sack to never be seen again.
Don't be a naughty child, or Krampus will get you!
by Krampus X December 06, 2009
2491 2355
A monster that slithers down the chimney on Christmas Eve to disembowel children in their sleep and dine on their intestines. Sometimes it will stuff a child or two into a sack and save them later for a snack.
Be careful or the Krampus is going to get you.

Dude the Krampus snatched my sister last night.
by Jin Chui January 11, 2008
54 18