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The German pronunciation of Krampus Nights, a celebration in Europe of Krampus the Anti-Santa Christmas demon of folklore
"Guten Krampusnacht is German for Good Krampus Nights. I hope you have fun, don't let Krampus get you!
by Krampus X December 26, 2010
A holiday that some on the Real Life SuperVillain community choose to advertise and follow instead of the usual Christmas tradition. Also a pale comparison to Krampusnacht, or Krampus Nights celebrations in Europe and other parts of the world.
You can keep your pathetic, commercialized celebrations and parties, I'm joining my friends to celebrate Ubermas and blow up someone's car!
by Krampus X December 24, 2010
The act of prejudice against a person's Urban Dictionary submissions, causing people to constantly give Thumbs Down simply because they do not like the author or something about them
Every day someone constantly gives Thumbs Down on my definitions, though clearly similar or exact words are left relatively untouched. I am the victim of Urbadejudice.
by Krampus X July 13, 2010
A creature of legend who aided St. Nicholas, one of the inspirations for Santa Claus. Some say he aided St. Nick, others say he went after the Naughty children the night before he came; The Anti-Santa Claus, deliverer of coal, spankings, kidnapping truly evil children in his big black sack to never be seen again.
Don't be a naughty child, or Krampus will get you!
by Krampus X December 06, 2009
A person in a superhero costume or acting like a hero or superhero acting in an ignorant or clumsy manner.
That guy tried to tackle a mugger, but gut-checked that old woman! What a stuperhero!
by Krampus X December 07, 2009
A person in a supervillain costume or acting like a villain or supervillain acting in an ignorant or clumsy manner.
That guy tried to use his homemade pepper spray gloves on that bank guard, but they blew up in his own face! What a stupervillain!
by Krampus X December 07, 2009
The act of two or more members of the feline family engaging in sexual activities. Can also refer to sexual activities with people where one or more members are dressed as, or have nicknames like a cat.
Tony and Denise couldn't wait to get it on, so they kept their Cats makeup on after the rehearsal and went at it in the back room! Bow-chicka-meow-meow!
by Krampus X June 06, 2010

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