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A krahwinkel is an indescribable human being with amazing qualities. Krahwinkels stay true to them selves and are absolutely amazing people. If you ever befriend a Krahwinkel never let them go, because keeping them in your life will benefit you in the end. Smart, swagtistic, and generally just the most awesome person you will ever meet in your life. Take me on this: A krahwinkel= the best person ever. Mkay? yayuhhhhhh.
Man, yesterday.... I saw a Krahwinkel, and I was just like whoaaa.

A Krahwinkel said hi to me today and I could've died and gone to heaven.

Daggggg! Did you see that girl?! She was such a Krahwinkel!
by k-deezy fo reezy June 21, 2009

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