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Short for his age, mostly brown hair. Cute at first. VERY manipulative. Will fuck any pussy that comes within three inches of its penis. Is an alcoholic. Never speaks its mind. The biggest dick. Screw over. An all around ass hole. Deep inside nice, and emotional.
Hi my name is Kraemer, i love pussy, i love my girl friends pussy, and all of her friends pussys too!
#pussy #name #friend #girl #dick
by Little Midget April 07, 2010
Someone who believes he is God's gift to earth. Begins balding at the age of 17. Has horrible breath and is not at all attractive. Basically a loser.
Do you see that 5'3 bald boy over there?
Yea that's a Kraemer
#kraemer #kramer #kreamer #bald #ugly
by cute4life February 04, 2009
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