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(n)- Koh-TAHN-duh: A hybrid of the three animals Koala, Turtle and Panda, respectively. The kotanda is a mythical being seen by a certain group of California high school students to be an animal to posess a head of a panda, feet of a koala and shell of a turtle.

Kotandas have a tendency to destroy random things, though they appear lovable. Their ultimate goal is to take over high schools across the world, and eventually the world.
"The kotanda stole all the possessions in my locker!"
#koala #turtle #panda #koturnda #kotanda
by Mr.ChocoPocky May 10, 2010
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An animal species mixed with a Koala Bear, a Turtle, and a Panda.

It's full of awesomeness.
"Kotanda will have to rule the world some other way"
#koala #turtle #panda #animal #kotanda
by himthebeat May 10, 2010
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