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A beautiful young woman from the "Pizarro" blood-line. She is strong, intelligent, funny, loveable, athletic, musically talented, has a great sense of fashion, perfect physical attributes, fearless, successful, driven and flat out one bad mother-fucker that no one will fuck with.
1.Any decent parent with even a small amount of common sense will want their little girl to grow up to be a Korissa.

2. That girl is a dime but she sure as hell ain't no Korissa!!!
by D.Pizarro December 25, 2010
The most amazing and beautiful girl u will ever meet! She is shy n never talks but when u see her she always has a smile on her face, you can't help but love her! She a has an amazingly beautiful face, body, smile and personality she is the almost too perfect!
Me:Korissa I love u baby girl ur the best n ur my whole world!😘❤️
by Cb&Km10815 December 18, 2015
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