A Mario Maniac that loves Troopa Koopas. And also some dude from AWN.
Hey, it's Kooper133, the Mario Maniac!
by Colossus August 28, 2003
Top Definition
A friend to the world of Paint Shop Pro and Nintendo. He really loves SPGLink's zany charaters, and loves to chat on the AWN Message Board. He also enjoys talking in third person.
"Sup' B?" ~ Kooper113
by Kooper113 August 26, 2003
Kooper113, long term member of AWN and temporary admin of his backup AWN. A true mario elitist who enjoys chatting on AIM with people such as long term AWN vet Duo Maxwell.
OMG you could pose for kooper113 in that outfit!
by Duo Maxwell March 30, 2004
God, your holiness, the pwnzor of all.
I worship Kooper113.
by the_7th_age December 06, 2003
The sexiest hunk of man ever to bend over a pool table.
It`s funny because it`s homoerotic.
by Walrus October 05, 2003
A guy who made my AIM buddy icon.
Kooper113 made Leeman a AIM buddy icon.
by Leeman October 02, 2003
A human whose AWN username IS Kooper113 and is an wonderful poster on AWN.
This is a name, stupid.
by Why do you need to know this? August 29, 2003
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