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A word that can basically be used as any part of speech in almost any situation in place of another word.
Started in 2011 by the O.G.K.S.P.K.s (Original Gangsta Koomp Star Pimp Killers) after a long day of chillin discussing life's secrets. Now known as the K.S.K. (Koomp Star Killaz) The movement is to koomp here, there, and everywhere.
1. Stay koomped out.

2. I got mad koomped out at the koomp kastle last weekend.

3. Koompin is a habit.

4. I koomped that bitch and busted my nut.

5. Those bitch ass niggas bought to get koomped up.

6. Yo wanna koomp tonight?
by KrispyKoomp September 20, 2011
Koomp is another word for faecal matter,or poo.
Koomp can also be another term for anus.
Oi kainy put it in her koomphole
by Nick and Ado July 20, 2011
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