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The Greatest Game Ever Created. People Stand In A Circle,Moving Up And Down,Chanting "Koomcha,Koomcha,Koomcha". While Everyone Is Chanting,Someone Takes Their Hand And Forms Kind Of A Duck Bill Shape And Says "Bunny,Bunny"(Hand Facing Themselves) Then They Say "Bunny,Bunny" (Hand Towards Another Person). Then That Person "Bunnies" Someone Else And So On. When A Person Is Bunnied,The Person To The Right And Left Of That Person,Turns Towards Them And Waves Their Arms In A Sort Wave Type Fashion And Says "Tiki,Tiki,Tiki,Tiki". And The Game Goes On Like That!
"We Played Koomcha At At Youth Group Last Night,It Was Awesome"
by super_steve2009 May 13, 2010

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Deriving from a funny joke about 2 men who get assraped for many hours. Koomcha means to be ass raped by a crowd of men for many hours.
Punchline of joke:
"Now choose! DEATH.... or KOOOOMCHAAA??!!"
"I chose death!"
\man gets assraped to death\
by gundamNIT January 19, 2003