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A man (usually white or another non African American Race) who enjoys having sex with (or "jamming") black women. They are referred to as Kool-Aid Jammers because they are jamming people who enjoy Kool-Aid alot. There is not a fried chicken jammer, however, because that wouldn't be a funny play on words, and it would be stupid.
Dude 1: Dude, I heard you fucked Shakneeqwah last week. Is it true?

Dude 2: Of course it is! I am a Kool-Aid Jammer!
by ferociousboobear June 12, 2009
Using your fist hitting another man(in clothes) in the genital area or ass inflicting extreme paint.
I just Kool-Aid Jammered that guy in the crotch!
by Mike Snifferpibbits23 April 06, 2009
The act of sucking a women's period blood out of her vagina, then proceeding to spit it on her breasts.
"I gave this chick a kool-aid jammer last night"
by th3 j3w August 21, 2008