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n: A nerdy person prone to making lame jokes and giggling. The kookamonga will often accuse others of being a kookamonga, but like a hipster a true kookamonga will refute accusations of actually being one. In true hipster like fashion the kookamonga will disregard fashion rules, social norms, and rules of hygiene but not to be ironic, just because they are dorks who do not care (or in some cases do not know). They would be cute if they stopped calling other people kookamongas. The nerdy version of a hipster, kookamongas live their lives in denial of what they truly are.
Kevin accused Rachel of being a kookamonga, this along with his uncanny knowledge of computers is how she knew he was the real kookamonga.

Look at that guy strutting down the street giggling in his nerd shirt, what a kookamonga.
by notakook February 07, 2011
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