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1) A small furry, yet intelligent hamster-like, rapid-breeding rodent, with large ears and huge feet - often found in colonies under hills in Lancaster - "kong-plinger spotting" is a favourite pastime amongst many youths in the area
2) Common insult amoungst lazy, bone-idle slobs (usually males) who lack sufficient intellect and/or articulation to create a more competent insult
3) Used as an exuse by young human males when they misplace something during the education process.
1) "Lut's see if we cee-an see anae kong-plingers todai!" (young Lancaster male)
2) "You are a kong-plinger sometimes, Steve!" (Anon - lazy bone-idle slob)
3) "The kong-plinger in the desk stole it, Sir!" (young human male)
by Caliban November 17, 2003
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