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ADJ- Surpassing idiocy, beyond retarded, sub-moronic.

Origin: An AllSquare forumgoer named Kokayi who exemplified the adjective's definition in the utmost
Omniscient Sean: And, for some terrible reason, there will be a Japanese re-release of The Will called Xenosaga Episode I Reloaded.
Magus Doomglow: ...tell me you're kidding
Magus Doomglow: that's awful
Omniscient Sean: Yeah, I really wish I were.
Omniscient Sean: It's apparently a release of the US version in Japan.
Omniscient Sean: ...Because there's so much difference between the two.
Magus Doomglow: ....the censored version?
Magus Doomglow: How retarded....
Omniscient Sean: It's worse than retarded...
Omniscient Sean: It's Kokayic.
by Lezard Valeth November 11, 2003
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