Kobie is the name usually given to sexually challenged males of Australia with unusual addictions to the online game "Maple Story". Kobie's enjoy sexxing Roos and abusing their little brothers.

The Kobies vocabulary is consisted of :
You Fail
Out Of Mesorz
Zomg That Kobie Is Pwning that Roo In teh anus while killing hordes of squids!!!
by josstin und ingi October 21, 2007
Top Definition
A attractive guy who is black or Asian generally. They are usually very toned. Kobies love to joke around. They view their friends like family and are never mad bro. Kobies are usually pretty smart and for some some reason are attracted to Mexican babes.And if you are a Kobie you have a big dick!
"Man I can't believe what Kobie did "

"He's never mad he must be a Kobie "
by exoflexo February 09, 2014
a turd that contains chunks of food
Oh look at that kobie in my toliet
by rosaburger May 07, 2016
A wannabee Kobe Bryant who is actually a rat that lives on the streets and trys to skate but always fails. He also trys to jump over cars but just takes severe injuries in the process.
There is a horrible smelling Kobie in Mr. Yessak's 2nd period english class.
by Richard Velde May 09, 2008
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