the name of Kobe Bryant's farts
at the press conference kobe farted and i smelt Kobe Beef
by soufpaw8 January 09, 2011
Kobe Bryant is named after this stuff. it's pretty good beef, and apparently they give it to cows who aren't good enough to drink Guinness
did you try that kobe beef at dinner last night? it was delicious!
by Steve Ervin November 12, 2007
A penis large enough to cause serious damage upon entry into a vagina.
She couldn't handle my Kobebeef.
by Sammydbull September 24, 2003
1. A very, very, very expensive argument in which two prominent people are involved in a scandal or affair, made famous by the press. A play on the meal Kobe Beef which is very expensive. Inspired by Kobe Briant, Tiger Woods, and Chris Brown.

2. An argument between two people about pointless celebrtity scandal crap that has no place in or affect on their lives, yet are ceaselessly taking sides on and arguing over.
1. Tiger: Man, I definitely screwed it up this time.

Kobe: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Tiger: Time to sit with the in-laws and pay for some fine Kobe Beef.

2. Guy 1: Hey, what took you?

Guy 2: I got held up at the register having Kobe Beef with this lady over whether to listen to Chris Brown or not after the whole Rhianna thing.

Guy 1: Who the (expletive) cares?!
by dhawk123 January 01, 2010

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