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Radical and extreme form of hero worship, in which a person believes the particular hero they worship is capable of doing absolutely anything better than absolutely anyone else.

This illness, mostly common in young males, is very dangerous in that it causes its victims to completely lose touch with reality and replaces normal behavior with non-stop, masturbatory praise for the hero. This inevitably leads to a crush on the hero, similar to a 10 year-old girl's crush on the latest boy band.

The name of this illness is derived from overzealous fans of NBA player Kobe Bryant, who believe that because he can throw a ball into a hoop well, this single skill would somehow make him a better golfer than Tiger Woods, a better actor than Jack Nicholson, a better artist than Salvador Dali and a better President than Barack Obama.
Kobe Syndrome victim: Oohhhhh man, look at the way Kobe shoots the ball... Ohhh man, he's just soooo good... oooohh, ahhhh, mmmmmm, I need another poster of him for my wall... he would be sooo much better than Obama as President....

Healthy person: Man, put your dick back in your pants, all he did was put a ball through a hoop, it takes more than that to run the United States of America!
by Grackle May 12, 2009
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