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This process occurs when two people are spooning, with one member of the party completely hating the experience. Typically the little spoon, this victim of misplaced affection commonly wakes up on the very edge of the bed trying to get free, only to encounter a body mass clutching them ferociously, like a rabid Koala.

Also see Xanax, Spooning, and Koalas
"I really hate to spoon after sex, but when I woke up he was koalabearing the shit out of me. I'm never taking Xanax again."
by JennyPanda December 04, 2006
A form of hugging, when one person jump into anothers arms wrapping their arms and legs around the others body, like a koala bear.
I love Koala Bearing all my friends.
by LesbianDani July 06, 2011
when your "bitch" or your "girl" is constantly up your ass 24/7 and will not give you a second to be alone, she starts to cling to you like a koala bear to a branch
my girl has been Koala Bearing lately she wont fucking leave me alone
by Falco203 February 04, 2011
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