1). vt. to knuck is to shit on the walls of your neighbor's dog house.

2). to knuck can also mean that doing things can get you to do nice things.

3). vt. to do things
1). Hey, I knucked on my neighbor's and they were pissed

2). Knuck , bitch

3). Knuck for me and do nice things
by unblowupable_ii April 14, 2005
Top Definition
To hit a person with your knuckles.
Knuck if you buck boy!
by C.Phil January 14, 2004
1) fight
2) step up
Knuck if you buck, boy!
by Vaeh October 06, 2004
To beat the shit out of someone or something using your bare hands
I'll knuck the fuck out of you if you touch my women
by E-rock April 08, 2005
When two people hit their knuckles together (when hands are in a fist). Many times used instead of a handshake or high-five.
Upon seeing friend...
"Hey what's up brother?"
Action: Knucks.
by Becky24 October 19, 2005
A synonym to pound it. It is a fist to fist contact in a congratulatory way. Often used to replace a high 5 or shaking hands.
Steve: Hell yeah! This Euro-trip rocks!
Jerry: I know, check out that european ass!
Steve & Jerry: Knucks!
by Benormous April 18, 2006
Short for brass knuckles.
Don't punch me when you're wearing those knucks.
by Rodney Basil October 05, 2003
A hand gesture characterized by an individual forming a closed fist with one hand and extending the index finger to the proximal interphalangeal joint only. The joint should be flexed so the distal phalange points inward toward the palm.

The gesture is executed when two participants each form this fist and lightly tap their PIP joints together.

Often initiated by one person doing or saying something really cool and the other person recognizing and respecting that action by holding up their fist as described above and saying "knuck".
Bree: Oh boy, Daddy that was the sweetest dickin' that anyone's ever given me!

Travis: KNUCK.
by Honey Bree July 22, 2010

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