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usually when a female doesn't marry and becomes pregnant at a young age
Guy: Where's Lucy?
Father: She got knocked up, so shes getting an abortion
by cowkilla224 August 23, 2009
71 86
Australian lingo for tired or pooped out.
"I just ran a mile and I'm totally knocked up now!"
by demon_panda_sauce July 02, 2009
50 87
To make or become HIV Positive.
He said he was neg, but he knocked up my friend. Now he's poz.
by Jo-Jo 303 December 05, 2009
35 84
Pregnant out of wedlock, Bearing a bastard child.
"i knocked up some irc slut"
by luke October 18, 2001
108 162
What happens when yahl dont use a condom biatch!!.. in other words gettin you pregnant ight
Lica got knocked up by her boyfriend when they werent using protection
by XRiaX August 27, 2007
59 127
some body that got pregnant and the dude ran away.
hey did u guys hear
Abellana got knocked up
o every body knows that
by andrue May 23, 2007
47 119
Non-offensive slang for becoming pregnant with child to a petty criminal.
Oh shit, Kat that irritating cam girl from the .rars has gone and gotten knocked up again, the fucking lame arse threads shes going to post now.
by persay October 16, 2005
33 136