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The clinging, silky mesh-like motif produced following phallic discharge upon the female facial surface.
She awoke one dewy morn, adorned with a shimmering knobweb hanging from her brow.
by Grateful Seamen May 23, 2010
The vaginal equivalent to 'cobwebs'.

Dust, webs, debris that accrues in the vagina after an extended period of sexual inactivity.
"That bitch hasn't been banged in so long she's got knobwebs."
"Get in there and dust out her knobwebs."
by Evil Creamsicle January 21, 2015
When a male, most commonly an adult film actor, ejaculates in a web-like pattern over a females face or body.
I'm not getting laid for a while, last night I left knobwebs on my girlfriend's face.
by Jonny Fakename November 06, 2009
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