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A homosexual male who chuggs cock
Geez, that guys suck a knob scoffer
by Dr Greenthumb April 22, 2003

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A person that likes to suck cock. A derogatory name for a woman. A derogatory name for a male homosexual.
Look at that bint over there, she looks like a right knobscoffer.

Hey mate, lets go out and get a couple of knobscoffers!

Do you think he's gay? He acts like a right knobscoffer!
by Teknotrix October 16, 2009
Derogitory term to a mate that he likes to scoff knobs
Cam: I think I might go shopping for a new pair of shoes.
Lionel: You knob scoffer, the footys on!!
by croftbrudercandycane June 01, 2006
A person who likes to put a penis in his mouth....
That Winton bloke is a right Knobscoffer!!
by Anonymous July 19, 2003