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The sexiest kind of socks that girls can wear. Often results in the people viewing having an orgasm.
Fap fap fap she's wearing knee socks.
by fapfapfpasocks December 17, 2011
One of the two demon sisters who are the primary antagonists in Gainax's new anime Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

She is fairly conservative in her attire, though both the sisters wear brown uniforms. She refers to her sister, Scanty, as "Onee-sama" or "Onee-san" translated as "Dear Sister" while Scanty always refers to her as "Kneesocks-san" (Ms. Kneesocks)

While she is usually calm, she can fly into rage that causes her to turn bright red. When informed of this she claims that she "blushes easily" and returns to her normal demeanor.

Like her sister, she has a preoccupation with rules (said in the anime as "rrrurrrus", becoming a recurring joke among fans)
Scanty: Scanty!
Kneesocks: And her sister, Kneesocks!
by ScantyKneesocks December 06, 2010
A sophisticated garment of clothing involving a complex set of colors and intuition. They are worthing of being worshipped, and are NOT to be confused with calve socks. Also should not be confused with leg warmers.
Common examples of knee socks are found in Sailor Fuku outfit or common girl's japanese uniforms.
by Raikun October 20, 2008
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