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1. Used as shortehand version for 'know what i mean?'
Person A: Blahblahblahblah, knaw?
by twenty5 July 12, 2004
Wank spelt backwards, basically same mean however it's fun to point at another person and say it in their face. Also, if you shape you hands like your jiggling some balls infront of your face, it adds to the effect.
anthony: *pointing* "KNAW!"
by catii July 10, 2008
the definition of knaw is very simple.
noun~ a person undiscribable
adj~ something so incredible or unexplainable
That was so knaw, how did that disapeer so fast?! ~ knaw is subbed for something so incredible

That knaw walked down the street so fast!
~knaw: crazy person or unexplainable
by Lauren February 04, 2004
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