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N: A large, sharp, and epic knife.
V: 1. To stab in the head.

2. To knife more than 4 enemies in a row.

3. To stab in anyway epic.
Adj: A uncommon way to say epic or amazing.
N: I own a old Knafe, but it is very powerful.
V:1. I will sneak behind him and Knafe him.

2. Dude I just Knafed all those suckers.

3. I jumped of the building and Knafed him.
Adj: I am so knafe.
by Grenade thy self July 10, 2011

knafe = knife + face
Come any closer and I swear I'll fuckin knafe you, you son of a bitch.

Dude, how did insert generic namedo at that bar fight last week.
He got knafed man, he's fuckin deformed.
by Senora Dibiatchio September 27, 2006