tentacles! tentacles! everywhere!!!!!
klump is an automatic lesbian with large tentacles.
by albert einstein February 06, 2003
Top Definition
Something that is regarded as cool or it is used as an even cooler word for cool.
Sometimes regarded as a state of being.
"Yo, man sorry for canceling last night. I hope we're still klump."

"Dang, I'm liking that haircut it's pretty klump"
by Cool Ranch September 26, 2013
Someone who is greedy, primarily with food, amongst other (material) items. A Klumps needs are always met first, even before their own children.
Gosh, did you see how many BigMacs Connie ordered? What a Klump!
by DaddyVanderSloot January 21, 2014
A womans vagina, beef curtains, hairy axe wound and such, often referred to as a slang reference.
It stinks of fucking klump on here
by Uganja January 04, 2007
1: to act like you're a military general with success or failure, but had NO training what-so-fucking-ever

2: the green, idiotic lizard from Donkey Kong Country
Guy 1: Soldier, give me 30 pushups, maggot!
Guy 2: Why ME?!
Guy 1: don't give me crap like that!
Guy 3: Have you had military training? Ever?
Guy 1: No, s' shut up
Guy 3: What a Klump!

Klump: Uh, yeah, um, uh, uh, String. Him. UP!
Me: What a dope, 5 tries to get him back on track
by your best idiot April 05, 2010
A kid with a penis thats as brown as a tree trunk but skin couler is white
dude look at that kids ND klump
by S.DOT KYD May 23, 2009
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