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A huge, beastly dyke of only the beastliest persuasion. we're talking like 6 foot plus, 250-260 pounds, of man-woman. Possibly has a dick-clit, which is self explanatory.
-Yo, check out that fucking klemm over there

-Yea, what a fuckin wilderbeast.
by big sandk March 29, 2009
just don't mess around with him
who's that guy over there? Oh that's a total Klemm don't mess with him
by Sojourner Not Truth October 31, 2010
To ridiculously embarrass another person with your own mad skills.
Dude, if you talk smack about my tennis skills one more time I swear I'm going to klemm you.

Holy mother, that dude just got klemmed!
by B to the T. August 05, 2008